Caudalie Moisturizing Mask Review

caudalie french skincare moisturizing mask

What can I say if not this: November. NOVEMBER. NO-VEM-BER. November. And that´s all. That´s the post. I won´t even telling you how much I freak out everytime I realise 2020 is almost gone, and thank god for that…

Although, it´s not been a particularly bad year for me -of course, with its ups and downs- I am more than happy to welcome 2021 (I think? What could be worse? Could it be, though?) and so is my skin. I wear a mask 24/7. Like literally, I leave my house and don´t take it off until I´m back again. That´s so much stress to my poor face, which already had previous issues and is just trying to keep up with all these news. 

Now, my face is so oily it´s becoming a problem (a first world problem for me, thanks). A constant wetbutnotreally feeling I can´t stand. And then there´s the dry patches. I alternate between green clay masks and hydrating masks, currently this Caudalie Hydrating Mask. Compared to my beloved drink up by Origins this feels more like a mask rather than a heavy cream, it´s so thick. It smells great and it´s easy to apply. I use this at night after my routine and wakeup with great complexion. Sometimes I even apply a light coat as a night moisturizer. Luv it.


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