Is Wearing Lipstick Under Your Mask Worth It?

bourjois velvet lipstick

You tell me. I wearing makeup under your mask even a thing? I don´t know. I still wear make up sometimes; lipstick, less times. To be honest, I have been wearing nothing but lipbalm on my lips for the longest time..

But I got the lipstick bug. Something hit me last week when I saw this Bourjois Velvet lipstick in Trop Brouché!, which leading to the topic in discuss, might have been one of the most useless purchases of the year so far. But I love the colour, almost the same as my natural lips and the finish -matte, but not too drying and reaaaaally long lasting.

It will transfer to your mask though, but isn´t that one of the things we all got used to? Like I said before, Í have not been wearing too much makeup lately . In fact, likely, my most used product would be mascara for sure. But, sometimes I feel like I need something on my lips and pretend everything is the same as it used to.

Do you wear lipstick under your mask?


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