Glossier Priming Moisturizer Review

glossier priming moisturizer

Let´s talk face masks and skin. I´ll start first: my face is a mess. I was going through a kind of good skin season but everything went downhill since masks were made mandatory almost everywhere..

I know wearing a mask is so important these days but I can also moan about it a couple of times a week -trust me, you can do both. Anyways, I´ve been struggling with a lot of dry patches around my mouth, on my chin, and generally speaking, my face feels very angry.

I´ve been using my La Roche Posay Effeclar moisturizer all sumer which I love but has not been giving me the hydration I need theses days. Am I the only one that feels like maks literally absorb any moisture from your skin? That´s exactly what I feel. I had put aside my Glossier Priming Moisturizer until know, and wow. I had a feeling this moisturizer was going to be too heavy for summer, and was right. Is not like it feels heavy, but I do prefer something lighter or less richer on hot days.

I mean, I´ve been loving it. I feels great on my skin, almost like it dissapears once applied but you can definitely feel and see some glow. I love that it is buildable depending on your needs, I usually just apply a pea size amount on my fingers and rub it through my face.

I could not be more enthusiastic on this but we all need to wear a mask. Please and thank you.


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