Summer Makeup Menu #4

Not your tipical summer, but still summer. Nights were temperature is low enough to let me sleep, a few storms to remind me how much I missed rain after so many sunny days..

Staycation is the new cool right now. Weekends are for pool days, and chances to be wearing makeup are low to none. However, there´s always that day where you just feel it and go for it. It´ll never be a full face, but I do like a bit of something that will even my face. MAC face and body does it perfectly.

I´ve been loving so much this Nars Duo, specially Nars Orgasm. It looks so good on me, I love the shimmer and the colour looks amazing on top of any bronzer. Nars Laguna is also a fave of mine, touched pan as you can see. On my eyes, I can´t remember the last time I wore eyeshadow. It´s just mascara for me, and lately I´ve been using the Clinique high impact mascara, which is so good for giving volume to my lashes. As for my lips, this Sephora Brilliant Jumbo in vintage pink is a must on my lips and purse.

Not gonna lie, I´m counting the days for September. Can it be it already?


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