Australian Gold Bronzing Intensifier Review

australian gold intensifyer

I can´t believe I am today´s years old I discovered the key to a perfect tan. Ideally, I´d sunbathe right beside the pool to a perfect golden skin. Ideally. Real world, it takes ages for my skin to tan, only just enough to give myself a healthy summer glow..

To be honest, the words tan intensifier were two words I´ve never heard before in my life, and now I can´t even stop thinking about them. So much lost time. I wish this was a sponsored post, but it´s not. I simply love Australian Gold Bronzing Intensifier dry oil. And that´s it, that´s the post. I´ve tried both, the original and the dry one and must admit my fave is the dry one as it is less messier.

I love this thing, as soon as you apply it you´re instantly tanner. It´s magic. It builds up a gradual tan, very natural and in my case, my skin looks perfectly golden. On how to use it, I reccomend you read instructions. You´re supposed to apply the instensifier before your SPF for 15 minutes, then apply SPF and sunbathe normally. Repeat as needed. I, personally, don´t like the idea of sunbathing without protection so I´ve been using it after my SPF and has worked the same.

I´d be lying if I´d told I have not been dating life as b.i (before intesifier) and a.i (after intensifier), kid you not.


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