Glossier Super Bounce Serum Review

glossier super bounce serum review

Ever since my sister got me Glossier skincare back in Christmas I haven´t used almost anything else. I´ve had my head quite focused in the project use it up game, trying to maximise aaaall of my skincare products into sensible use.. Who do I think I am speaking like this? I don´t know. But as a matter of fact, quarantine has been a great time to run down through ever single product of my stash, finally. I´ve been using Glossier Super Bounce serum since Januar-ish (I believe), and it´s good.

Good as in my skin looks nice and soft, but nothing really spectacular. It is meant to ease and soft tight skin, and I do feel my skin super moist after I use this. I must admit this is my first time trying hialuronic acid, so I´m not familiar with results/effects whatsoever. However, I do feel like my skin could use a little bit of something else that is missing in the formula, maybe something that´d brighten my face more, I don´t know. It´s very easy to use and a little bit goes a long way, plus it is so light you don´t even notice in on the skin. I usually pair this up with some oil, currently I´m obsessed with rosehip oil if you didn´t know.

I like it, and besides leaving my skin soft, I´d probably recommend this to anyone who has some kind of texture on their skin. Now I can´t stop thinking of what other Glossier products I could try..


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