Trying Katey Denno´s DIY Mask

rosie huntington whiteley rose inc

Anything aimed to relax is a must these days. Sit, close your eyes and just thing about something else. Let´s say you could be pampering your skin too while doing so, and you get the most simple way to elevate into heaven..

It may be difficult to imagine all of this, but trust me, you just need pinch of imagination. I´m reading a lot of blogs and on line magazines lately (would you like a post of my favourite reads?) and getting so much inspiration. Like, please, give me all of the inspiration right now, because a girl needs her basic dose of beauty and aesthetics a day. One  of my recent discoveries has been Rose Inc, by ex-Victoria´s Secret model Rosie Huntington. I am loving their Distancing Diaries edits and Katey Denno´s DIY posts, which I am now realising is also a series lol.

I love everything masks, and I don´t mind it being messy at all. I remember applying natural honey masks on daily basis a few years ago, and the face of my mum freaking out watching the honey drip from my cheeks to my neck : ) Reason number one to try Katey Denno´s Depuffing Face Mask. On reason two, you only need four ingredients, although it could pass with three: chamomile or green tea, honey, apple cider vinegar and a little bit of avocado or banana. Instructions: prepare the tea, let it cool and then mix with the other ingredients until you get some kind of paste you can apply on your skin. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse. Finish with your normal skincare routine.

Like I said before, I love applying honey on my face and how my skin feels after: soft and clean. I honestly think using avocado for a facemask is such a sin, I did my mask with no avocado: just tea and honey (I think my skin is too sensitive for apple cider vinegar and don´t want to risk it). What´s best about this mask? It´s a DIY, you make it and there´s no place for mistakes.


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