Frank Body Everyday Face Moisturiser Review

frank body everyday face moisturizer skincare

The sun reflecting on this photo makes me happy. We can continue with the post now, thank you. I was excited about this product (gifted by my sister) as I didn´t know Frank Body did skincare apart from their coffe scrubs.. The scrubs looked amazing anyways, so my sister thought their face moisturizer would be great as well. But to be fair, I didn´t like it. At all.

My skin has been going through many changes lately, it´s been oilier than ever before. I guess it´s just normal, as eventually we all go through much stress and hormone ups and downs. This cleared, I have always had combination skin but suffered from dehydration on my cheek and eye area. The Frank Body Everyday Moisturizer felt to thick for me, and as the day went by, it my skin felt oilier and oilier. At first I thought the problem was me, like I didn´t know why my face was feeling so heavy? And then I try switching up my moisturizer just to be sure I was not going crazy.

And magically, my skin went back to normal. Now, I´m not saying this face cream gives you oily skin, it was simply not suitable for mine. Ingredients wise, it has grape seed oil and squalene, both great for acne prone and oily skin. Why didn´t it work for me? I don´t know. So instead of using it on my face, I´ve been using it on any other dry area through my body, like my hands. Always a happy ending.


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