Empties #9

empties apivita eucerin frank body skincare

Slowness, we could say, it´s been our old ultimate goal since globalization was invented. Wasn´t all of this, then, what we all wanted? Not like this, not this rude. Unplanned, and most of all, mandatory.. I´m sometimes a homebody –almost every Sunday, I´d say- but the thing about everything being imposed makes me want to rebel. Take myself into a 4 hour drive home, yell through the window I´m free f*ckers! and finally, let go of everything I´ve been holding on for almost six weeks now. I can´t do this (or probably shouldn´t), but there´s other things that have given me peace, like getting rid of many empty products I´ve been using up.

It´s been a while since my scalp issues, and I´ve been trying so many shampoos lately. This one for sensitive scalp by Apivita was the last one I used. I do love it for very soft hair, but didn´t do much for my dandruff. I´ll tell you more: gentle shampoos don´t remove it, you need something strong to deep cleanse your scalp.  I´m a rosehip oil converted. I loved it a few years ago and rediscovered a few months back. This one is from Bio Glow but you could use any as long as it´s organic and cold pressed.

I´ve finally used up these two moisturizers: Eucerin Aquaphor and Frank Body everyday moisturizer. Loved the first one, not so much the latter. I bought aquaphor for my first tattoo (sigh) and inmediatly loved it for everything else. Chapped lips, dry hands, you name it.  The Frank Body moisturizer just felt too much for my skin. I would use it on the mornings and within two hours my face would feel so greasy I can´t een begin to explain. I think I´ll post a full review on this soon.

Hey, we got this.


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