French Pharmacy Skincare Haul

French pharmacy skincare haul

Inevitably, every time I hear France my mind travels to past summers where visting the french coast has become some kind of tradition.. I just love it there, Bordeaux was my fave but also cannot forget Biarritz. French summer was a vibe I could use right now and both places lay deeply in my heart. Can you see, this quarantine season is all about those feels?  I miss everything, to be honest, even the most little details like waking up next to my sister on our cute bnb next to the beach. Anwyays, if I can transport myself there, in any form, I´m late doing so.

There´s a thing about French pharmacy everybody loves, partly because it comes from la France duh- but mostly because it´s effective. Their clay masks are incredible, and I try to hoard as many as I can everytime I have the chance. Catier is one of my faves, featuring a single use moisturizing mask and a solid soap. Also, I wanted to try Les Officines green clay (more clay, yay!). Caudalie is another brand I have never used but was dying to, and as if I needed yet another hydrating mask, I got it. No ragrets. Everybody knows about La Roche Posay, and truth is, I wanted to try their worldwide known mattifying face cream, but got it wrong and bought the Effaclar Duo instead. Of course, couldn´t help but pick a Nuxe handcream, which I´ve already tried and love.

Disclaimer, this post was in the drafts since January, so no, I have not bought any of these recently. I wish I had though, as it´d mean we could be on the streets again. Be safe : )


2 thoughts on “French Pharmacy Skincare Haul

  1. Deanna says:

    I’d love to try more Nuxe products. I used their toner a while ago and it was lovely. I hear you on needing a French summer vibe right now!

    Deanna |

    • Carlota says:

      Yes! Nuxe´s been on my skincare bucket list for so long, can´t wait to try more 🙂 Honestly, I could use anything else but staying at home right now lol xo

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