How I Use My Gua Sha in Five Steps

gua sha review how to use

Full disclaimer: even now, in quarantine, where we have plenty of time to take care of ourselves, I´m still lazy. There I said it. You can have all the time in the world and still be lazy. Is not a crime, and I´m here with you..On my everyday to do list is: move my body, shower and proper skincare routine. There isn´t a better time to create a perfect skincare routine but now. I´m pretty consistent on taking care of my face (post on this coming soon) but had put aside my gua sha and jade roller for a long time. And guess who has the time and energy- to go big now? That´s right, me. After much research, I´ve summed up all the movements I do in five steps, short and sweet:

1.Starting from the middle of your temples and working your way to your hairline, move the gua sha -with the ridge side down- applying soft but firm pressure.

2. Position the gua sha groove near the corner of the eye very carefully, and massage it gently under the eye out towards your eye all the way to the hairline. If this feels too tight, apply some eyecream or oil so the skin doesn´t pull. Repeat this movement following the line of your eyebrow towards your hairline.

3. Pull the gua sha softly across your checkbone into your hairline, making your way through your face.

4. On your jawline, apply some pressure from the middle of your chin along the jaw until you reach your ear. Once there, rotate the gua sha and take it down to your neck and collarbone.

5. To tone the neck, glide the gua sha starting at the base near your collarbone up to your neck towards your jaw.

You can do this with your jade roller too : )


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