Neo Herbier Fig Soy Candle Review

soy candle fig neo herbier natural

Burning up a candle seems just the perfect metaphor of what is going on right now. There´s not much to do, just trying to mantain my sanity while I exercise and cook bread equal parts..

Which, by the way, I try to think of the best time to achieve everything I´ve been putting of for the last million years. Me baking bread? Who would have thought? Not me. Anyways, I know I´m rambling a lot and there´s a simple reason: human contact is not a thing right now and I miss it. Really miss it. So bear with me : )

Back to the topic, there´s been many attempts of me trying to stay calm: writing, baking, exercising, reading, netflix and last, burning a candle. Not any candle, but my Neo Herbier Figue soy candle. It has a very subtle fig scent, almost too subtle for my taste. If you are in the room, the smell feels unnoticeable, but in a good way. I´ve never owned a soy candle, and I really love how they burn, so slowly it almost looks like they are endless. They never finish, just like this quarantine.


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