Primark Liquid Concealer Review

primark beauty liquid concealer

I´m just a minimal makeup gal trying to look awake when I go out. And by minimal, I mean sometimes I´m just a litle bit lazy to do my makeup, or I´m just not feeling it.. ‘Cause you know, I feel is such a waste to do my face for just a quick friend catch up, who, by the way, have seen me in worst. Definitely. Anyways, I usually try to apply something on my face, that je ne se quoi that takes me from sleepy face to she´s looking fressh (although it may not be the case).

I´m such a big fan of iluminating concealer. I love love looove that highlighting under eye vibe, specially when tanned. I know it may not be the look for everyone, but if you are like me, you should try the Primark Liquid Concealer. I really like it, like really. It´s thick but applies easily, creamy enough to make an easy blending. And even if it´s main duty is not to highlight, it surely does. I got mine in shade porcelain and it´s a perfect match.


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