Notes On Glossier´s Milky Jelly Cleanser

glossier milky jelly cleanser pink pouch review

The day came and I finally got to use the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser everyone loves. In general: I like it. Very much. But do I love it? Still figuring that out..

The packaging is lovely and the pump makes it so easy to use. I must admit I am so put off by balms that come in jars rather than in tubes, because it looks so messy for me, I don´t know. But this one, one pump is more than enough to cleanse your entire face (even I would say half a pump is enough if you´re wearing light makeup). It has a balmy texture that immediately turns into oil. And here´s the thing: you can use this both on dry skin and damp skin. I´ve tried both, I think I much prefer the second one. I feel like on dry skin, if your skin is too dry/dehydrated it can absorb the product and makes it difficult to cleanse, even if you wash your face with water instead of a cloth.

It´s obviously that easy to cleanse your face. And I love how my skin feels so soft after it and removes all the product easily. It doesn´t leave my skin feeling heavy, even if I don´t double cleanse afterwards. I´m still trying to figure out if I like the smell or not. I wouldn´t know how to describe it, it´s a mix between a pharmacy product and almonds – that weird. I would totally recommend this one for everyone looking for a mild cleanser, gentle with the skin and that don´t usually go too heavy with makeup (also, I don´t like it for waterproof mascara).


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