Essence Extreme Mascara, A Simple Love

essence extreme mascara

I was trying to start this post as a “I´m not picky when it comes to mascara” but then I realized that´s a totally false because I am, in fact, picky with my mascaras..

It´s true I´m not faithful to one, I´m always trying new ones as soon as the one I´m using runs out. When I buy a mascara, I look for one that gives me volume rather than length – my lashes are already quite long- and makes them fuller. For me, what works best is a thick not-too-big brush, that packs product on my lashes but not too much.

All of that said, that´s why I love the Essence Extreme Mascara. Because it makes my lashes look just how I like. And truth said, it´s not the longest lasting mascara out there, it kind of disappears at the end of the day which is a bit annoying but also makes taking off my makeup easier. I must also admit that I recently tried the waterproof version of this, thinking it´d be better but no, it wasn´t and I hated it. Still looking for the perfect mascara though.


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