Glossier Skincare Haul

glossier skincare

If you read my previous post on what I got for Christmas, you will know. I finally got a little Glossier taste and am a proud pink pouch owner, as you can see..

Back in December, my sister and I were having a Christmas presents convo, which went more or less like this:

Me: I really don´t know what I want for Christmas, I have a lot of everything.

Her: Well, you might not know but I know what you want.

Easy. She knew. Because she knows me, and she remembered every conversation about skincare we´ve ever had, which included a lot of “I wish Glossier shipped to Spain” and “that Milky Jelly cleanser looks amazing”. And she did this. I would like to shout out the packing because it is so beautiful it was hard to toss it away, I swear. That aside, every other product was heaven. I got: the Milky Jelly Cleanser, the Super Bounce hyaluronic acid serum, the Rose Balm Dot Com and the Priming Moisturizer. Two of which I have already tried and have my thoughts on 🙂


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