What Pixi Glow Tonic Does To My Skin

pixi glow tonic review

I´ve been taking my skincare routine very seriously lately. And I´m telling you this being very aware that I haven´t mask in almost two months, but that aside, I´ve followed every step..

Cleanse, cleanse again, serum and moisturizer. Exfoliate two times a week. That was before I started trying the Pixi Glow Tonic which is ah-mazing. I love it. That´s it. That´s the post. I can´t believe I haven´t tried it before. In fact, I can´t believe I haven´t tried a chemical exfoliator before. I deeply regret being afraid of doing it. My skin is pretty sensitive at times, sometimes trying an apparently innocent product makes my skin so angry I´m usually scared of incorporating new things into my routine.

But this one, ohmygod. I told you before about my November breakout (read: bumpy forehead and a few spots here and there, nothing too serious but a big deal for me since I usually have clear skin) and how I had no clue on fixing it. Well this little thing right here has been a bless. I use it every night and my skin definitely looks better, has the glow. It´s smooth and the bumpy forehead is gone. I love it and I don´t know how I could survive without it. I haven´t touched my Rituals exfoliator since I started using the Pixi Glowtoic, and you know how much I love the Rituals one.

If you haven´t tired this, most likely you need to. Beware people with extra sensitive skin, I advise you previously patch-test before applying all over your face.


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