Huge & Other Stories Beauty Haul

and other stories beauty

It´s been a minute since NYE and we´re already talking about February. Yes, I can also not process where all this time went but truth is, my mind is already set in the warmer days..

I´ve always enjoyed winter but as everything, I´m starting to miss the days spent at the pool and the freckles on my face. Honestly, watching the days get longer and stepping out of the office to a still blue sky has been everything to me.

Anyways, these feelings have been all summed up in the And Other Stories Sicilian sunrise bath and body. Not only they smell amazing, but their name is also dreamy. It feels a bit too soon to talk about fresh/floral scents but who cares. It awakens my soul, for real. It smells like lemon and wood, like beachy days followed by a long cold shower. I can´t describe it any better, you need to try it for yourself.

There´s a shower gel, a body lotion, a scrub and a roll-on perfume and my favourite has to be this last one. I´ve been a bit obsessed with tiny perfumes and this one is lovely. Also, I just felt a mayor urge of travelling to Italy on summer which by the way, is becoming a bit of a tradition for me. Be right back while I organize summer holidays.


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