Lost In Translation: The Rituals Brightening Mask

rituals face mask mascarilla cosmética natural

I was just going through my skincare the other day, and found this lost Rituals Brightening mask. I didn´t remember I had it and was probably there since Christmas last year. Oops.. 

I guess I simply didn´t have the chance to try this one before I went through other skincare on my stash. I was excited to try it, but then tried it and felt all the way around..

Do you know that feeling when you are eating something that looks great, but then you bite it and it wasn´t as good as expected? Yeah, kinda similar. The Rituals Brightening Mask has a gel texture, smell delish and applies easily. Different to other illuminating masks I´ve tried, this one dries on the skin as it is absorbed.

You just dab it on, wait 10 minutes and remover with a cotton. It dries quickly (too quick for my taste) as I love to feel the product on my face. This one, on the other hand, starts to flake (similar to a peel of mask) and I´m just not into that. My skin feels good, hydrated and a bit more plumped, but I feel like I would prefer something else.

So I Will continue using it, but looking for a new one at the same time. Thinking of the one from Origins from their energyzing line…



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