My New Thrifted Bag Everyone Loves

thrifted bag vintage

This is the story of how a donut craving turned to be the best purchase in a while.

October, rainy Saturday. Not a single thought of stepping out the house until I started craving donuts. I love donuts (who doesn´t?) and I needed them. I know exactly the perfect place to get them, 5 minutes from my house, perfect distance. I was heading my way, minding my business and it happened. Turns out there´s also a thrift shop on my way to the perfect donuts. Couldn´t help but get the donuts and get back to the store –in that order.

If you live in Madrid, or visit Madrid, the shop I´m talking about is Humana and is a vintage dream. Also is not expensive at all and always has the best offers. The time I got the bag everything was 50% off and this baby was 8€. You can pat my back anytime. I admit I have a talent to find the best bargains, this was the case. The bag is made in Italy, and I cam be pretty sure I won´t see anyone wearing anything similar. Fits everything I need and looks great with my clothes. Safe to say I haven´t worn anything else since I wore it.



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