Testing Lately: 100% Pure Rosehip Oil

pure rosehip oil

Last week was the first day of November it finally smelled like Christmas. Please don´t make me describe what Christmas smells like because if you know, you know. It´s also that time of the year where my skin loves some extra attention, when it gets dry and itchy, red and just wants some all over pamper.. 

The good thing is, I love using oils. I´m that person that loves to drench her face on coconut oil before bed –never minding staining my sheets. I was just looking for something a little bit lighter but still very hydrating and remembered how much I used to love rosehip oil. It´s so good for scars, and all in all works wonders on any skin, whether it´s dry, dehydrated or simply needs to be a little bit plumped.

And here´s how I use it. As the final touch of my night time skincare routine, take a few drops of oil and some of your usual night cream, mix and apply onto clean face. Easy as that, it does not feel greasy after, but skin looks amazing in the morning. I prefer using the rosehip oil mixed with moisturizer rather than on it´s own, I feel like the moisture locks on the skin plus it absorbs more quickly. It can also be used on it´s own, sometimes I also do that as well. 

I love it so much, love the product and love the travel friendly package. This love exaltation might also be Christmas induced, but opinions are my own.



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