My Three Product Makeup Face

three product makeup face

It´s my birthday party celebration in a month and you bet I am already planning every detail. This may also be an excuse to justify my addiction to insta recipe videos. There´s this one of a three ingredient brownie that is just unvelieblabe..

You may need a whole jar of Nutella to bake that brownie but I´m ok with that. Moral of the story: if you can cook a brownie with three ingredients, anything is possible. Like having a presentable face with just three products. Three products, no need to proof-read. Concealer? Check. Bronzer? Check. Blush? Check. Mascara? Last. Aaand you are done.

Now I know those are technically four products, but I´m having a little moment with my Nars Laguna and Orgasm duo that could pass as a two for one. I rediscovered it a few months ago and haven’t used anything else since. I feel a bit ashamed I wrote a post years ago kind of bashing this stuff, and now I cannot live without it? Crazy how time can change a thought so much.

I´ve been testing out Nars Creamy Concealer too, I´m on the shade vanilla and really love how brightening it is although I feel it could be a bit drying on me, will report further when I give it  a good use. Last, my trusty Essence mascara. I´ve been using this for six months and love it every time.



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