Thoughts On The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Soap

the body shop Himalayan charcoal cleanser

There´s been a lot of at home action in my life lately. Call it autumn blues, call it morriña. I´ve been moody, teary, not-like-my-self kind of days have been multiplying and the thing is, I am lost… 

There´s also been a lot of batch cooing action, some (very much) YouTube catch up –I´ve been restlessly binging on Buzzfeed Worth It videos- but most of all stumbling just trying to feel like myself again. Between the many changes I´ve been going through, my skin is one of them. From having normal to dry skin, from night-to-day it´s been suddenly become more like oily skin. Very oily. Don´t like that, pretty upset about this situation. I think it´s just my hormones, whatever. Can I have my skin back, please? Anyways, I never miss chance of buying new skincare if the situation requires so. Believe me, my skin called for a big S.O.S.

I was just delaying what it was meant to be: me buying some solid skincare a.k.a. solid face cleanser. I knew The Body Shop had it and went for it. I loooove The Body Shop skincare (their Green Matcha Te mask is so good). This The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying soap is so good. I´ve noticed such a big change on my skin, from very oily to normal -a bit oily on my T zone in the end of the day but nothing too crazy. It´s gentle, my skin feels soft after using it and it´s not as messy as I thought it would be. TBS says it´s meant to be used twice a week, but I use it everyday morning and night, and I´m fine with it. Reviews also say it can dry the skin a little bit, not in my case (it contains shea butter, anyways).  It´s travel friendly as well, so I couldn´t ask for more. 


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