MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

mac ruby woo lipstick

My morning routine doesn´t consist on much. Wake up, open the windows to a chilled breeze, bread with jam and a careless social media scroll. Everything is usually very slow, no skipping heartbeats among the latest TV gossip. However, I must confess, I´ve been watching on loop the dance, which was all over twitter and Instagram, impossible to avoid, and glad I came across…

If you´ve been living under a rock, you will have no idea what I´m talking about. Oscar Casas and Bego Vargas just set the score on actual couple goals, and I´m here to watch. Also, If you´ve been living under a rock for a long long time, you won´t know about the ultimate red lipstick: a.k.a Ruby Woo by MAC. Not only because I say so myself, but also because I have not seen anyone wearing this blue red and looking bad. Not one single person. Yes, it is drying (as much as any other matte lipstick) but nothing a little lip balm prior applying the lipstick can´t solve. It stays put for so long, trust me; nothing comes between you and those red lips.


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