Things I Have Been Wearing: Gold Medallion Earrings

gold medallion earrings h&m

As part of my beating summer blues ritual, I delve into pics of what my days used to look like a few weeks ago. Past always seems better when looking back, but sweater weather is been delivered anytime soon…

There´s not much history to tell. It was August, there were sales; and I just fell. H&M is the place for minimal inexpensive jewellery, the kind I love. This pair of earrings -which I haven´t took off ever since I got them almost two months ago- were part of a 3 pair set. Classy, just a gold medallion clinging gracefully on my ears. Need more? I disagree. They complement every outfit –meaning all my outfits, as in white tee and jeans uniform- and bright up my complexion. They have that superpower; I always look better when I wear them.


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