Essie Allure Nail Polish Review

Essie nude nail polish allure

As much as I love a good dark manicure, I´m always torn between the dark and the light. I´m all about the contrasts, I can be loving Deep burgundy nails for months and sudenly be all for White nails. That´s just who I am…

I´ve been having a moment with dark nails this summer, I must admit. There´s something about tanned skin and a black mani that simply touches my heart. I don´t know, it looks great to me. Anyways, there´s always this click in my head, when I go from one thing to the total opposite in just seconds. I have been looking for the perfect creamy white for months. Honestly, it´s been a long journey. I wanted the perfect sheer white, not to creamy not too white (does this even make sense?). Of course Essie does amazing colours, and couldn´t help but have a little peek on their stash.

Essie allure nail polish

Found Essie Allure and took it home. I always love how easy it it to do my nails with Essie polishes, their brushes are wide and cover my nails in one swipe. On the colour, here´s what happened. One coat, sheer nude. Two coats, perfect my nails but better nude. As you can see on the pics above, it looks kind of white but not really. Did my life as I would, the problem started when I went to the pool. I started to notice the colour just changing, but didn´t pay much attention to it. A few days after, while I was in the Italian sea, things got worst. The once sheer nude had become a not so nice yellow colour, which looked as if my nails were sick. Stranger things.

Love the colour? Yes. Would I recommend it? No. This is the first time ever that something like this happens and to be fair, Essie polishes are pricey enough to at least be sea water resistant. Sight. I will continue on my research, will keep you informed.


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