Discovering The Clinique 72 Moisture Surge Moisturizer

clinique 72 moisture surge moisturizer

Week two of holidays and I just decided I need to share this with you. Breaking the silence on the blog simply to tell you why you need this cream in your routine…

First things, this post should be sponsored by my mum. She is the real owner of this Clinique 72 Moisture Surge Moisturizer and here’s her credit. I, on the other hand, I’m just a forgetful daughter that despite loving her skincare, rarely remembers to bring her stuff with her. Hi, my name is Carlota and I don’t know how to pack. Next. It´s usually never a problem because my mum always has whatever I need. She has a very narrowed skincare routine, something I should really learn from.

Anyways, the Clinique 72 Moisture Surge Moisturizer is such a bomb. Love its gel like texture, very light on the skin. Keeps my face hydrated, absorbes quickly and makes everything smooth. Love it. I would say its a great summer moisturizer for combination skin, and it would maybe run a little bit short for winter skin. However, it can also be used as a mask, before and after makeup. Plus, apparently works well to tame frizzy hair or flyways. I’m not a huge Clinique fan (don’t know why I’m allergic to many of their products) but I really love this one. Guess I´ll be using this until my holidays are over. Thank you mum.


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