The Primark Difuser I´m Loving At The Moment

The tidiness bug has stung me, and the itch is real. Seems fair to say I´ve spent the whole month of August rearranging my room, or on a humbler note, trying to sort out how can I organize all the new clothes I bought during sales. That´s for another post, for sure..

Rearranging my room was no big deal, I just made a few changes here and there, and most importantly, got rid of many things. SO many. Changed drawers, clean and all that interesting stuff. Still, something was missing. Then I remembered I had been looking for some home spray for months now, so I began my crusade. You know I´m very picky when it comes to scents, everything is too harsh for me, or too floral, or too strong (and all I want is something subtle that makes my room smell cute and clean!).

Apparently, Primark has the solution to everything, who would have thought. Firstly, I barely ever go to Primark so I didn´t even know they had such a big homeware section (note to self: visit Primark more often). Second, the name on this had me at hello. A diffuser called cotton clean is just what my soul needed. I can´t describe what it smells like because to me, it does not have any particular fragrance, it´s simply clean. The kind of perfume I would love to walk by every time I cross the room. This last up to 4 weeks, and the package is also pretty cute.


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