Summer Makeup Menu #3

Empty streets and easy uncrowded tube commutings. Sunshine through my bedroom windows everyday and the feeling that nothing really matters that much. That summer feeling, straight to you from the sky…

Chances are you will see my freckled bareface most of the time when I´m out and about. Also, chances are really high you will see me on the pool/beach almost 90% of the time this month. Still on the office, but thriving on the sun vibe. It´s been pretty chilled lately, perfect temperature –not too hot, not too cold- so wearing makeup has been a possibility and not just a dream. Still, I go for very very light foundations (if any) and my favourite is the MAC Face and Body foundation. Seamless, comfortable to wear even on hot weather.

You know how I love my bronzer, it´s a staple in my day to day but even more on summer. I love to lather two of them, the Catrice bronzer is a beautiful matter bronzer (not too orange, not too cold) and the MAC Bronzer. Since everything is so simple, I am loving addind some colour with some blue mascara. This one is from a random supermarket and I love it. When I´m not feeling the blue mascara, I just go for the classics: H&M champagne on the eyes and NYX orange lipstick on the lips.

I love Madrid in August. Bye.


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