Sumer in Italy Through My Phone

italian summer

While I´m sitting at my desk back home, can´t help but look through my camera roll and feel nostalgic for the past week. Spent a week in Italy, between Isola D´Elba and Firenze to be exact.

aperitif italy

I never thought I´d be travelling to Italy that much this year, but life has its surprises. Listen, if you are looking for some quiet and sweet holidays, Elba is your place. So peaceful it didn´t seem earth. Just another place where time and tourist did not exist. Mingling among italians felt good. Serving clear bluish water most of the time, I basically lived in my bikins for three good days. Back in the city, Firenze is just IT.

summer mornings italy

isola de elba

summer beach bag

italy summer

italian pasta capresse

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