The MAC Bronzer I Will Be Using All Summer

MAC skinfinish natural bronzer

Name three things you would take to a dessert island: a lighter, a raincoat and bronzer. Call me a weirdo but I could easily survive without brows or mascara, but never give up on my bronzer. Yes, I would be already tanned on an island (guessing, if the weather was tropical) but I could not imagine a life without it because I´m that extra..

To make things clear, less is more does not apply to bronzer. I like my bronzer dark, with an orange-y undertone to it. Nothing too obvious but just enough to get myself on that beachy vibes. The MAC SKinfinish Mineralize Bronzer in shade give me sun is the kind of bronzer that looks amazing according to my taste. However, even for me it is too orange. First time I wore it I looked literally like a sweet potato (nothing sweet about it though). I couldn´t find a way to work it out. Then, I did something life-changing: instead of applying this as a bronzer, I applied it as a blush. I know, ground-breaking. There´s something about the colour, matte, that helps lift my face on the dullest days. Just applied on the apple of my cheeks, it blends so easily and makes my complexion look good (I get compliments every time I wear this). Just be careful, it´s easy to get overboard with this, a little bit goes a long so much.



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