A Beauty Blogger´s Favourite: Mac Face And Body Foundation Review

mac face and body foundation review makeup

Please help me, I´m been nonstop thinking of Nutella crepes lately. There´s something about them that remind me of my sister and Italy, and I just cannot think of anything else. Is it too soon to say summer is just around the corner? It does not matter to me, because I´ve been planning holidays since the very first day of the year..

There´s a great summer ahead. Italy and France are right on the list and I can assume there will be a lot of hot days. Honestly, I would take anything as long as I could avoid whatever heat wave hits Europe this year. Makeup on summer is a tricky one but I believe this MAC Face and Body foundation could be everything I wished for. I love the fact it matches my skin perfectly, literally looks like my own (but better) after applying this. It has a watery texture, and it advises to shake before use. There´s a lot of opinions on how to blend the face and body foundation but personally I like using my fingers first and finishing with a beauty blender. It has a very light coverage; however, it is very buildable.  It is not super long lasting, but I would say it lasts pretty good for at least a few hours. Every time I wear it is like photoshop, my face simply looks good. This has been my go-to foundation for the past months, such a dream.

Also, I have not been able to ditch the Nutella crepes out of my head as I write this post, which are also a dream.


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