A Few Beauty Resolutions

beauty resolutions

I am great at my skincare routine and so bad about everything else. I can finally admit that. AM and PM face rituals are good, never missed. Even on tipsy nights, never* going to bed with makeup on. I can do that. I do it gracefully, step by step. But tell me about my body. Tell me to exfoliate my legs, and then moisturize. I would laugh at you and then cry because it is the truth. I am so inconsistent with everything else. As a list lover, I just thought I´d share with you a list of things I should be doing and, in fact, I will be trying to do.

Care my body as I do with my face

I never exfoliate and almost never moisturize, You can imagine what my legs look like. Have you sen one of those dessert plants? Close enough. I do have everything I need, though. I have a bosy exfoliator, and body lotion. Why am I like this? I.don´t.know. At the moment, I´m trying to exfoliate once a week and moisture at least once every two days. A start is a start.

Take better care of my hair

A few months ago I discovered I have dermatitis. My scalp is itchy and I have flakes here and there. I´ve been trying to commit to a hair care routine that involves washing with a special shampoo and putting on a mask every other week.

Not being too lazy with makeup

My five minute makeup is a real thing every morning. I wear makeup every day and certainly can´t be too bothered to do anything fancy. However on nights out (or every other day) I should really rty to push myself a bit further. I´m sure I can do better with all the makeup I hoard.

*never as in almost never.


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