Essie Wicked Nail Polish

Essie wicked nail polish

I think I told you the story behind this one. I was lusting for this polish for months until I decided to go for it. I´m not usually the one to go for high end polishes but I was committed to this one. I had seen it non stop this winter, and instantly became a fan. Give me a good ol´ dark varnish and I´m all yours…

Essie wicked is a very deep burgundy, it almost looks black. No wonder why instead of buying this one when I went to the shop, I ended up picking Essie Liquorice. It was a good laugh when I was showing it to a friend, and she told me it was black and I was like no! it´s just very dark don´t you see the reddish undertone? And well, it was actually just black. Anyways, I love this product. It goes on nicely, although I´m not a huge fan of the brush. It´s just too narrow for my liking. But the product itself, fab. One coat is enough to get the colour, although I rather apply two to get almost black nails. It stays perfect almost a week, a winner. I know it´s almost spring and dark nails are not the vibe anymore. But dark colours just make my hands look so much better. Although, to be honest, I´ve been researching on a pastel lilac polish for my nails lately. Thinking of summer when winter is not even over. Welcome to my messy life.

Creo que os conté la historia detrás de este pintauñas de Essie. Llevaba tiempo detrás de un color así, casi negro pero no. Total, que cuando llegué a la tienda, me vine tan arriba que acabé cogiendo el que no era (Essie Liquorice, negro de verdad y también en mi lista de deseos). Essie Wicked es, como os contaba, casi negro. Pero tiene un subtono berenjena precioso que solo se aprecia a la luz. Si me leeis desde el principio sabréis que los tonos oscuros son los que más me gustan, porque creo que me hacen las manos más bonitas y me favorecen. En cualquier caso, este pintauñas es lo más. Aunque no soy muy fan del pincel, para mi gusto demasiado estrecho, el producto en sí me encanta. Dura casi una semana, y una capa es suficiente para conseguir un color bonito. A mi personalmente me gusta darme dos capas y acabar con una top coat de brillo. 


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