The Body Shop Ginger and Mineral Warming Clay Mask Review

the body shop warming mask mascarilla mineral efecto calor

Could not stop myself and it happened: another day, another mask. In my defence, I actually needed a deep cleansing mask, something charcoal based. I love feeling my face clean and soft, which is what charcoal does every time I use it…

Now this The Body Shop Charcoal mask seemed so appealing to me, I took a chance and bought it. It reminded me a bit of those one use only masks I used to use back in the day, which had some kind of magic that felt warm when applied. First things, I think this packaging is lovely. I believe TBS has launch a new packaging for all their products and I love the new vibe. This mask looks luxe with that light grey colour. On to the product, I must say it´s so difficult to take it out. Like I almost had to wrestle with the bottle. The product is too thick for it to be in a tube, I´d been a better idea to put it on a jar. After a breaking a sweat, I finally see the mask. It´s greyish, dense but applies easily. On touch with the skin it feels warm, but after a few seconds it feels nothing. I reckon the key to feel the heat is to move it, massage it onto your skin. I follow instructions and leave it on for 10 minutes. It doesn´t completely dry, which is good: if it dries completely it can absorb to much moisture from the skin and we don´t want that. Also, something I realized after, and according to TBS instructions, face should be damp when applying this.

Of course, results are obvious: baby skin, soft and clean. But this is almost every time I use charcoal so is nothing new. However, I know this is only first impressions, and I´m definitely adding this on my masking routine.

Otro día, otra mascarilla. En mi defensa diré, que necesitaba una mascarilla de limpieza profunda, algo con base de arcilla. Esta de The Body Shop me pareció interesante por una razón: es de esas de las que notas calor cuando te las aplicas. Me encanta el packaging, en color gris y super elegante. Sobre el producto, lo primero decir que es muy difícil sacarlo. Está muy muy compacto, y no basta solo con apretar el bote, hay que hacer fuerza. Después de un poco de ejercicio, por fin veo la mascarilla es gris, y no tiene un olor especial más que a fresco. Al aplicarla si que se nota calor, y creo que la calve para ello es masajearla en la piel. Sigo las instrucciones y la dejo actuar 10 minutos. Aclaro y mi piel está perfecta. Una cosa que hice mal al aplicarla fue hacerlo con la cara seca, que según instrucciones de TBS a de hacerse con la cara húmeda. Como solo es la primera impresión, me ha parecido interesante aun que no para echar cohetes.. pero nunca hay que juzgar por una primera impresión. Así que, la incluiré en mi rutina y os iré contando más.


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