Updated Skincare Routine

skincare routine

As well as it happens with my mind, skincare is something I change a lot. Somtimes I get bored, sometimes it just does not make the cut. You know the feeling when you see something and inmediately think nono? Exactly what I´m talking about..

I have lazy seasons when all I do is take my makeup off and moisturize (sometimes not even that) and other times when I´m all are nothing. Double cleanse, serum, moisturizer, oils, even toner. I´m always trying to streamline my routines because I just don´t like to take a million years to take care of my face, but yet, we do only have one and I must learn to chreish it the way it deserves. Dryness and dehydration is something I suffer -a lot- from, you know this. I always double cleanse, no matter what. I´ve added a new serum into my routine, the Dr. Jart Cermidin Liquid, which I love. It feels good and absorbes so quickly. Because I get a lot of dry pacthes, exfoliation is key for me. This Rituals Brightening Exfoliator is such a saviour for me. It leaves my skin so soft, it doesn´t even feel real.

If I´m heading out, I will continue with my Filorga cream, a must. If I´m staying in, I´ll probably do a mask, like this Yves Rocher energyzing mask. Does any else love leave in mask? They are truly my weakness. I love rich products as I feel they work best for my skyn, so I´m basically sold whenever I see one at the store. However I see my face, I would apply this The Body Shop Vitamin C mist, before my serum or after my makeup as a setting spray. Of course as I told you, this routine is never the same exact, although I always manage to at least do one thing: take my makeup off. Even if I´m tipsy.

Mi rutina facial suele variar dependiendo de cómo tenga la piel. Normalmente suele estar deshidratada, asi que intento usar productos muy hidratantes siempre que puedo. Me desmaquillo y limpio la piel según entro en casa, es una manía. Para las zonas que tengo más secas uso el exfoliante de Rituals que me va muy bien. Es muy suave y prepara la piel para los demás productos. El serum de Dr. Jart es otro de mis favoritos, aporta mucha luminosidad a la cara además de hidratarla. Si no voy a maquillarme, uso el spray de vitamina C de The Body Shop antes del serum, pero si me maquillo, lo uso después a modo de fijador. La crema universal de Filorga sabeis que me acompaña allá donde voy. Por las noches me encanta usar mascarillas, especialmente si son sin aclarado, como esta de Yves Rocher. Como os digo, mi rutina suele variar cada cierto tiempo, aunque una cosa es segura: siempre me desmaquillo. Incluso cuando llego a casa un poco piripi.


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