A Bit Of A Different Mindset

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For the last few months I´ve been thinking like.. a lot; about growin up, changes, goals and life. Wanting to do something else but never been the right moment.. I´ve been inspired by people surrounding me so much lately, this was just the natural path for it to be, the time when I can decide what to do, with what I have. Read: I´m that kind of person constantly worried about future, what it´d be like, where will I be, will I still have my job (major freak out about this one). And I chose not to be like that anymore, or at least try. Couple of things that make this inner change real: I´m starting to decorate my room (after a year), steady pace. Seems silly, but I didn´t want anything done because I was thinking ahead and committing to my room was not in my plans. I go from loving to hating my room so many times a week I only hope this will set my mood for good.

Second, I´m determined to travel. A lot. SO much. Until I get tired of flights, cars, trains. Or until I can´t feed my fridge anymore. This was one of my biggest goals since I can remember. I didn’t travel as much as I wanted the past few years, and it felt like something was missing. I´m hungry for new places, new memories and why not, spending my savings in feeding my soul is what I´m choosing right now.

Last, spending time with my loved ones, as much as I can. I can´t help but feel dishearted by the news, the world… Time just flies, and I´m so so nostalgic all of the time. Like I get sad because we are all growing up, and things don´t always remain the same… that´s why this new spirit is telling me to say yes to family travels, family dinners, family days. I´ve always been very close to them anyways, but since living away, I feel I miss them, and feel sad for missing some moments.

Anyhow… Planning long term is not my vibe anymore… Although I care about “what´s coming next” is more about being future blind than about having everything under control.  So for now, I just got a few exciting things planned for the next months, including planes, new places and friends.

Las últimas semanas he pensado mucho, de todo. De crecer, de cambios, de metas y de la vida en general. De querer hacer otras cosas pero no ser un buen momento.. La gente que tengo a mi alrededor me ha inspirado mucho, y noto que es el momento en el que puedo decidir que quiero hacer con lo que tengo. Léase: soy la típica persona que se preocupa constantemente por el futuro, cómo será, dónde estaré. Cosas que hacen este cambio real: estoy empezando a decorar mi cuarto un año después, sin pensar en mudarme todos los días. Tengo una relación amor odio con mi habitación, y pienso que por fin he llegado a la calma. Segundo, me he propuesto viajar. Mucho y a donde sea. Hasta que me canse de los coches, trenes y aviones. O en su defecto, hasta que no pueda llenar la nevera a fin de mes. En los últimos años he viajado muy poco, y siempre he pensado que me faltaba algo. Gastar mi dinero en viajar y vivir nuevas experiencias es lo que elijo ahora mismo. Por último, pasar el más tiempo con mi familia. Desde que vivo fuera pienso que me pierdo muchas cosas, y me da mucha pena. Mi alma nostálgica me dice que son momentos únicos que no se van a repetir jamás.. y hay que aprovechar cada minuto. Ya no planeo a largo plazo (o eso intento), y aunque me preocupa lo que viene, es más sobre no saber que sobre tener todo bajo control. Así que por ahora solo tengo alguna cosita planeada para los próximos meses, incluyendo aviones, sitios nuevos y amigos.



2 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Different Mindset

  1. Deanna says:

    Love this attitude! It’s so easy to get obsessed with worrying about the future. I’m a planner too, so “living in the moment” is a struggle for me. I love the steps you’re taking to relieve that pressure.
    Deanna | luxandvitae.com

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