My New & Other Stories Earrings

& other stories earrings

The reason I didn’t tell you about these before is that as soon as I got them, I put them on and forgot. That´s how comfortable they are. This earrings are seriously a minimalist golden dream, little studs adorning my ears since august this year and not seeing them leaving me anytime soon…

I am very faithful when it comes to earrings, once I wear a pair you won´t easily see me change, ever. I´m pretty simple, if I like something, I don´t see why I have to change. And I find really difficult to find a pair of earrings that I like, because some are too big, some are too sparkly, they never fit my style. I was looking for a minimal gold design, something everyday chic that also wouldn´t break any allergies on me. The task was difficult but not impossible, because when I saw this pair on the Bordeaux & Other Stories shop, I knew they were made for me. As if I could find my perfect earrings in another place that was not France. I wore this bad boys to the pool and under the shower, and still got that gold spark. Now I couldn´t find the exact same in their web, but these are very similar and as cute as mine.

Soy súper fiel a mis pendientes, una vez me pongo unos se quedan conmigo para (casi) siempre. Me gustan los pendientes pequeñitos para el día a día, minimalistas y de oro. A veces, cuando me siento un poco extra, apuesto por aros grandes finos -soy una chica de contrastes. Cuando visité burdeos estuve en & Other Stories y me encantó todo. Sus accesorios son lo más, y no pude resistirme a este par de pendientes. Es una pena que no estén en su web, pero he encontrado estos muy parecidos e igual de monos. 


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