& Other Stories Beauty Haul

and other stories beauty haul

Since my trip to Bordeaux last summer I can´t stop thinking about how gorgeous & Other Stories stores are. I hadn´t seen one before, and I was amazed. Everything so polished, minimal and all round cute.. 

I literally wanted to buy everything, but couldn´t. Must admit this place was a bit on top of my possibilities, rather expensive on some things. Good thing, I have a precious eye for offers. It´s something that comes from within, I don´t know how to explain. I knew I didn´t want to buy clothes, but the makeup and skincare section… well that was danger. Their packaging is lovely and asks to be bought. Everything looks luxe and I basically ended up crying because I wanted everything and that was not possible.

I thought smart, anyways, and made my way to two Chamomile travel sized micellar water. It´s always good to have a few travel essential backups –you never know when you are going to need one. A body lotion that smells heavenly to make my skin soft, and also that will look good on my bathroom self (if I had one, though). Still a bit teary, I can´t believe I didn´t buy anything else beauty wise (I did buy another thing, but you´ll have to wait to see that) but I´m really committed to the minimalist blogger vibe. So I only buy what I need –or think I need, in any case. This will be my first time trying &Other Stories products, yay for first times!

Desde mi viaje a Burdeos en verano no puedo para de pensar en lo preciosas que son las tiendas de & Other Stories. Nunca había visto ninguna y me encantaron. Me habría gustado comprar todo, pero no pudo ser. También he de admitir que esta tienda está un poco por encima de mis posibilidades, es bastante cara. Lo bueno es que, tengo un ojo perfecto para detectar ofertas, de verdad. Sabía que no quería ropa, pero sus productos de belleza y maquillaje eran un peligro. Me hice con dos botecitos de agua micelar de Camomila, súper cómodos para viajar. Además, también me compré una crema corporal que huele a cielo. Todavía no me creo que no comprase nada más, pero estoy muy concienciada con ser una bloguera minimalista, así que siempre que puedo digo no a comprar por comprar. Esta va a ser mi primera vez probando sus productos, ¡os contaré!


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