Klorane Myrtle Extract Shampoo Review

klorane myrtle shampoo

Okay so after long hiatus, this blog is back. I was missing A LOT writing about my favourite things: beauty and mind wanders. I´m back, fully charged, and hopefully for a long time..

This summer was especially good, like everything rolled despite some troubles. I went to Bourdeaux and it was beautiful. I had the chance to visit every French pharmacy around the corner, very emotional three days lol. I didn´t buy much, because I much as I wanted to, I didn´t really need it. I´ve got a post on minimal blogging ready to go up as soon as I can. Either way, you already know every detail to my poor hair condition, it´s got a flaky scalp. Some hairdressers say it´s oily dandruff, there´s a debate around it. I myself opt for this second opinion, as it´s not something that you can see, it´s more of a flake that just sits on my head and annoys me any ways. I wanted to try this Klorane Myrtle shampoo badly, honestly, I was eager to try it. But also, I wanted to finish all my other shampoos resting in the shower so it wasn´t until a month ago it was time for a new one.

This shampoo is pastel green loving and does not have that much of a great scent. I was surprised because usually Klorane shampoos smell very good but for me, this scent reminds me more of a treatment like smell (you know, the ones that are straight from the pharmacy and are just dull). I can feel it has a different consistency to a normal shampoo but cannot identify what it is: a little bit thicker than usual, maybe more gel-ly than the average. Surprisingly, it does lather very well and for my foam lover readers, it foams as your usual shampoo. Myrtle extract purifies your scalp and slows down dandruff production. It also has hydrating actives that soothes the scalp. I´ve been using this for almost a month now, and I´ve notice less dandruff and itchiness on my head. I wash my hair twice a week and as recommended, using this every time as a fighting treatment, and then only once a week as a reminder. My scalp feels cleaner, but the rest of my locks feel kind off drier, as if I had applied some texturizer on it. I don´t mind this much, but if you love silky hair you might as well use a deep treatment mask. Almost 500 words on a shampoo, can you tell I was missing this??

Después de unos meses de descanso, vuelvo al blog. Echaba de menos demasiado escribir sobre mis dos cosas preferidas: la belleza y mis pensamientos random. Estoy de vuelta, con las pilas cargadas y con un montón de entradas nuevas en mis borradores. Este verano ha sido lo más, y ojalá pudiese repetirlo otra vez. Estuve en Burdeos tres días, suficientes para recorrerme todas las farmacias de la ciudad -fueron días de muchas emociones. La verdad es que no compré mucho, estoy en una fase muy bloguera minimalista, así que lo de comprar por comprar no sucedió. Sabéis que soy obsesa de los champús, los amo con mi vida y los adoptaría a todos como mis hijos, por eso cuando vi que tenían Klorane (mucho más barato) no me lo pensé dos veces y elegí uno que hacía tiempo quería probar: el de esencia de Mirlo. Es un champú para la caspa grasa – ejem yo- de color verde pastel, que no tiene un olor demasiado característico pero que de momento esta dejando mi cuero cabelludo super limpio y caspa free. Ya sabéis que tengo un poco de descamación, que aparentemente es caspa grasa según mis peluqueras. Uso este champú como tratamiento de choque dos veces por semana (las veces que me lavo el pelo) y cuando acabe con el tratamiento, con usarlo una vez por semana sería suficiente. Me deja la cabeza súper limpia aunque me reseca un poco las puntas, nada que una buena mascarilla no pueda solucionar. El post más largo de la historia.. ¡Echaba de menos este blog!


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