Best Zara Sales Purchase Ever

zara pink culottes

My mum, a skinny jeans gal approves these, so everything is fine. An out of the blue find, the first time in my life I can use the word serendipity and actually make sense. Yes, I wasn´t looking for them and yet I found them, or they found me.. 

These culottes caught my eye back in May when I saw a girl wearing them and have been thinking of them ever since. I even tweeted about them – the crush was real. I just could not stop imagining myself wearing these on sunny days, but of course on sunny northern days (there´s a chance of dying from heat over dose if you wear long jeans in Madrid) and still, you would die looking lovely. I feel like Andie from Pretty in Pink would be proud of these, and while I´m sure she would pair them with a pink cami, pink shoes and a fancy pinkofcourse hat, I decided to go for the neutrals with a white top and sandals. High waisted and not so stretchy, I wonder if I will ever go back to low waisted skinny jeans (mmm.. kind of never maybe?). They get compliments like no other, my friends told me I looked like a true blogger and I casually shed a tear – or two. They are still on their web, just leaving it there. On Wednesdays we clearly wear pink.

Mi madre ha dado el visto bueno a estos pantalones que no son pitillo, así que todo esta bien. Creo que es la primera vez en mi vida que puedo usar la palabra serendipia y que tenga realmente sentido. Yo no buscaba estos culotes, pero los encontré, o ellos a mi.. no me queda claro todavía. Hace un par de meses se los vi a una chica por la calle (!el verdadero sentido del streetstyle!) y ya no pude parar de pensar en ellos. Me imaginaba a mi misma en verano, con estos vaqueros rosas y una camiseta blanca (aclaro: verano norteño. Llevar vaqueros en Madrid con 35 grados a la sombra es un llamamiento a morir de golpe de calor, morirías ideal, eso sí). Son de tiro alto, sientan de maravilla y mis amigas me dicen que arezco muy Blogger cada vez que me los pongo, yo creo que no se puede pedir más. Siguen disponibles en su web, ahí lo dejo..


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