My Favourite Exfoliating Masks

gentle sensitive skin exfoliating masks

A soft drop of temperatures is what I needed this week. Finally I got a few good days of sleep, and this more than average week seemed a bit better. Following to my skincare in the heat can be tricky, there´s a lot of laziness in my body and slathering the creams on 30 degrees is not that cool. There´s always a silver lightning, hot weather=less reactive skin… 

I´ve been trying to moisturize and exfoliate religiously so my tan lasts a little longer and looks better. But sometimes exfoliating sensitive skin can feel intimidating and often find myself terrified to let my skin be in touch with any product because I´m terrified it won´t feel good. However, nothing about these two feels that way. I love both my Avene Exfoliating mask and The Body Shop Matcha Mask, and I use them both freely. They both have similar textures, creamy with little particles that gently exfoliate your skin, however I noticed the Avene one is a bit itchy. This is mind-blowing to me because Avene is one of the mildest brand I know, yet this mask makes my skin burn a little bit. I don´t particularly hate this (kinda think this means it´s working? Lol), but I don´t think I would use this when my face is irritated. But the TBS matcha mask.. oh boy ï would use this anytime, any day. Whenever and whenever, just like that Shakira song. I love it so much, my skin appreciates it evetime I play with it. Actually, I use both of them any time because my skin feels like angels afterwards. Sometimes, if my face is looking extra dull, I would also use a previous scrub to get that extra exfoliation – yes I do love to exfoliate and I do it every week, I get really patchy on my cheeks so this step is almost non negotiable for me. I reckon this a staple product in any routine, and if you, are as lazy as me, this comes in incredibly handy for those days when using a million products is not even an option. Your welcome.

Las temperaturas por fin han bajado un poquito y me han dado un respiro. He podido dormir decentemente y esta semana bastante regulera ha sido no tan mala. Aún así, sigo intentando seguir con mi rutina normal, aunque es difícil ponerse ninguna crema con 30 grados a las once de la noche. Siempre intento hacer dos cosas: hidratar y exfoliar. Son imprescindibles (para mi durante todo el año no solo en verano) para que mi moreno aguante un poco más y para que mi cara simplemente parezca decente. Para exfoliarme uso dos mascarillas, una de Avene y otra de The Body Shop, que amo mucho y que son lo más. Ambas son exfoliantes y muy hidratantes, hechas para pieles sensibles (aunque es cierto que en mi caso la de Avene me da un poco de picor). Las alterno según me de, y a veces, si noto que mi piel está especialmente apagada, también me hago un exfoliante previo a la mascarilla. Si no soléis usar este tipo de mascarillas os las recomiendo porque os van a cambiar la vida (como poco), sobre todo si como yo, a veces sois perezosas y no queréis usar mil productos. Dos en uno, ¡y que lleguen las vacaciones veraniegas ya por dios!


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