The Bronzer I Will Be Using All Summer

summer bronzer makeup revolution

Because as much as I´m trying to get a healthy glow, my will cannot fight my genetics. I was born to be pale, maybe a lil bit darker during summer days but stop it there. I remember that time when I was darker than ever only because I spent three weeks under the scorching Maltese sunshine..

And those where good days, not gonna lie. But also, I had to spend THREE weeks hear me out on this one, to look tan. Like I didn´t do anything else than just be under the sun and under water. I don´t even have the time to go to the pool these days, not even to think about spending weeks at the beach (as much as I wish for it to be real right now). Trying to replicate the exact way my face looked back then has been my goal since that summer, fake it or make it. You know my musts for my summer face, nothing too fancy but one thing cannot be ignored: the Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze bronzer. I love my bronzers to be noticed: unpopular opinion, the more orange, the better. I just love how good it looks terracotta powders on tanned skin. Of course, I also use this on winter – LOL, I´m all about the orange face look- but I admit it makes more sense now that the sun is out and having a bit more colour on the face is acceptable. More things you should know, it is quite powdery, but very long lasting (at the end of the day I still have some colour on my face despite a few tube rides and some sweat). As I said, this may look rather orange on pale skin so if that´s not your thing I would not recommend it for you.

A pesar de lo mucho que me gustaría estar morena todo el año, ya tengo más que asumido que eso no va a pasar. La vez que más morena he estado en mi vida fue en malta, y solo porque pasé tres semanas de agosto allí – la única opción de sobrevivir era estar todo el día a remojo. Desde entonces todos los años intento coger el mismo tono, aunque es misión imposible prácticamente. Me conformo con usar polvos bronceadores como estos de Makeup Revolution, mis imprescindibles de este verano. Este bronceador tiende bastante a parecer anaranjado, así que solo si os gusta ese efecto os gustará. A mí personalmente me encanta como quedan los bronceadores que tiran a naranja en pieles morenas, aunque yo lo use todo el año LOL. Es bastante polvoriento, pero me encanta el color que me deja y además creo que no me costó más de 4 euros, solo por eso ya merece la pena probarlo.



2 thoughts on “The Bronzer I Will Be Using All Summer

  1. hburney84 says:

    I haven’t tried Makeup Revolution yet. This bronzer does look like it would be quite dark on pale skin. It may be a little too dark for me too – and I’m South Asian!
    Bronzer is an absolutely essential step in my routine too so I can certainly understand your attachment to it!


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