Phytoelixir Mask Review

phyto ultra hydrating hair mask

Following my post introducing you my latest hair care addition, I thought I´d share a little review on the mask that´s make my hair come back to life again..

So my hair has been feeling a little dry lately, I think it´s because I have been using an H&S antidandruff shampoo that has removed any of the natural oils I had left on my scalp. I need to say, my scalp is feeling quite happy about it, the dandruff is almost entirely gone and it´s not itchy anymore. Regardless, I should clarify I´ve missed the gym last week, so I don´t know how well this shampoo works after sweaty workouts. Anyways, I know this shampoo may not be the best out there for the hair (I´ve read quite a few awful reviews on it lol) but it´s what I´m working with right now. The dryness was real from the middle of my locks to the ends, and I knew exactly the cure to it. The Phytoelixir mask is been my go to mask for the past months. I´m not a huge conditioner/mask fan, I usually just go in for shampoo and that´s all. I have a lot of hair but it tends to be weighted down easily, so I don´t like a lot of products on it. This mask, however, is totally fine. It´s very very thick, almost like a cream, and I just scoop into my hands an almond size of product, rub between my fingers and apply to damp hair. Let sit for two to five minutes, and rinse. It has many oils -shea, coconut and macadamia- so expect an instant nutrition boost. I don´t use this everyweek, I think it works better on my hair every two to three weeks, or even anytime my hair feels dry. I love it very much, my hair drinks it up easily and I swear this thing lasts forever.

Después de mi contaros mi última adqusición para el cuidado de mi pelo, vuelvo otra vez con el tema pero esta vez para daros mi opinión final sobre la mascarilla Phytoelixir de Phyto. Os pongo en situación, sabéis que tengo un poco de caspa grasa y llevo meses intentando mantenerla a raya, pues resulta que he empezado a usar el mítico champú H&S para cabellos grasos y de momento mi cuero cabelludo esta feliz. Es un champú que reseca bastante en mi caso, asi que mi pelo de medios a puntas empezaba a ser un poco como un felpudo. La mascarilla de Phyto es perfecta para estos casos, porque es super hidratante y no apelmaza el pelo. Lo que yo hago después de lavar el pelo con champú es coger un poco de producto (más o menos del tamaño de una almendra) y distribuirlo de medios a puntas, trabajando un poco la mascarilla con los dedos. Dejo actuar de dos a cinco minutos y aclaro con mucha agua. Mi pelo esta super suave cuando me lo seco : lo normal cuando la mascarilla tiene aceite de coco, de macadamia y karité. No suelo usarla muy a menudo (cada dos o tres semanas, o cuando noto que mi pelo esta especialmente seco como es el caso) pero os prometo que mi pelo es otro, y además este botecito dura muchisimo.


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