The Very Vegan Brush I Can´t Stop Using

w7 very vegan brush

My mum does the best presents ever, she always knows what I want even when I don´t. They are my fave because they are always a surprise, like when she gave me a little makeup haul with the only bronzer/blush/powder brush I own, from Yves Rocher of course..

See, I told you before I don´t really play much with tools, as long as they do the job, I´m pretty converted to them (also, I usually go for the quality-price option, spending 30 euros in a brush is a murder for my heart). As I tell you, the Yves Rocher brush has been

on my face for many many years although I can say it´s probably not the best one, not even a good one. It sheds like a b*tch, and it´s not soft anymore. So yes, the purchase of a new one was totally acceptable. Currently, Very Vegan is my go to makeup brand without discussion, and I love this brand so much. All of their products are good quality, budget friendly and cruelty free. This brush, is incredibly soft, does not shed and applies bronzer like a dream. I didn´t think brushes made such a difference but they do, compared to my old one that usually leaves product strokes here and there and multiple hairs around my face. The Very Vegan Bronzer brush was just 6 euros (!!!) and If all their brushes are as good, I want to buy them all, I tell you.

Dese hace años uso la misma brocha de Yves Rocher para aplicarme mis polvos bronceadores, me la regalo mi madre y me da pena tirarla. De ese tipo de pena que te impide ver que probablemente con otra brocha vas a estar mejor, que dejar ir no es siempre malo y que a veces lo bueno por conocer es simplemente eso, bueno. Very Vegan es mi marca top ahora mismo, no compro nada sin antes mirar que tienen ellos. Su brocha me encanta, es super suave, no suelta pelito y deja un resultado super natural. Además, es cruelty free y vegana, yyyy probablemente la guinda del pastel: solo por 6 euros. Yo ya no uso otra, y si todas sus brochas son iguales las quiero probar todas..


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