Yves Rocher Base Coat Review

yves rocher base coat

No, I´m not going to repeat myself again by telling you how much I love doing my mani lately. You can safely continue reading because this is not about that. Instead, I´m covering a topic I had no idea was such a big deal in terms of taking care of your nails..

I was the one that didn´t even use a base coat (or anything) when ding my nails. But I was also the one that had brittle nails on and off. Sure, I think I had –still do- some lack of vitamin but constant lacquer on bare nails is a mistake. Now hear me on this, a base coat makes ALL the difference. Sceptic as I was before, I am now converted to it. I don´t know exactly how, but it protects your nails and glues the colour at the same time, some kind of magic I´m not able to understand. I usually ramble on twitter about my #whitegirlproblems, such as being a pain to make my new Essie polish last longer. Then, I remembered I still hadn´t tried applying my Yves Rocher base coat and everything changed. For real, the colour stayed safe for five days, like I could actually see this was working. Also, my nails appeared a lil´bit stronger since I use this. This bottle went on for years and is on its last days, but I´ll be picking up another one asap.

Calma, no voy a hablar otra vez sobre como me gusta hacerme las uñas los sábados por la mañana, podéis seguir leyendo con seguridad porque esto no va con eso. Sigo hablando de uñas, pero esta vez de un producto que no tenía ni idea de que pudiese funcionar tan bien. La base coat de Yves Rocher es el típico producto que menosprecias pero que acabas encontrándole su sentido. Cada vez que aplico este producto antes de hacerme las uñas es pura magia, mi manicura se mantiene intacta hasta cinco días y mis uñas no se debilitan (tengo las uñas super quebradizas). Este botecito me ha durado años, pero seguro que volveré a comprarlo.



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