New Catrice Nail Polish

catrice nailpolish pink pastel nails cruelty free

I´ve been doing my nails every week for about three months now, so you could say I´m converted to doing my own manicure. The ritual that implies to me, being all chilled on a Saturday morning doing nothing else than just treating myself makes the perfect excuse to do my nails while I enjoy some breakfast in bed..

Well, not technically in bed but in my living room, which is the same for me. I am the biggest dark nails lover, red, burgundy and black are probably my favourite colours although sometimes I can´t help but love white and pink-y fingers. I´m an all or nothing girl, as you can see. Probably because of Spring, dark nails seem a bit aggressive (although they will always have a special place on my heart), and I can´t see anything but light manicures everywhere. It´s a bit pronto for me to wear white nails (my fave option during summer) as I am sosososososo SO pale white nails simply look ridiculous –no offense please, this is just how I see myself and no one else- however nud-ish nails don´t seem like such a challenge to rock. Now this Catrice polish in shade Honeymoon is Coming Soon looks a lot pinker than it actually is, I would say it´is more on the salmon side than any other colour. I though it would be more of a cream colour, and honestly, I´m a bit disappointed as I was going for that nude manicure. Is nothing I cannot wear, simply wasn´t what I expected. In general, it´s a great polish, lasts some good five-seven days without top coat, has a brush that makes it comfortable to apply the product and it dries very fast. Definitely need to try more of their lacquers..

Llevo unos cuantos meses con la misma rutina de hacerme la manicura todas las semanas los sábados por la mañana, es mi manera de desconectar y disfrutar de la calma. Normalmente suelo apostar por colores oscuros (creo que estilizan mis manos) pero últimamente estoy desviándome hacia colores más claritos. Será por la primavera, supongo, que me ha apetecido probar el tono nude de Catrice Honeymoon is Coming Soon. En verdad yo creía que iba a ser más neutro, tiene un subtono asalmonado que no se si me acaba de convencer aunque en la foto parezca rosa claro tirando a blanco. Pese a eso, la brochita hace que sea muy fácil de aplicar y la fórmula es bastante buena, se seca rápido y dura unos cinco días sin top coat.  


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