My New Sfera Earrings

sfera earrings gold details minimal

An ode to my latest accessory crush that started as a challenge and eventually became a must. Featured on my latest style post, I could not but write a full post only about them. The earrings that have bought my looks to life, and that somehow have changed my narrow vision on accessories..

Gold jewellery is my favourite combination, there´s something classy about minimal jewels and gold details. That´s my go to vibe every time, but sometimes a girl need more movement and some sassiness to it. I know, I know. These Sfera earrings are not what some would call adventurous, but to me, a girl that barely wears her little pearl earrings on daily basics, big hoops with hanging ornaments is a big step. Feel like these have changed my life for the better, and I could wear them all the damn time (they are safe for my sensitive ears). The only issue I have with them is I find it a bit difficult to put them on, but I´m getting the trick out of it. Plus, the little leaves can be removed so you are left with the simplest hoops of them all. I like to consider them as a wardrobe staple, since I am now converted to the bling rings.

Una oda para mi nuevo accesorio favorito, que se ha convertido en indispensable para mis los últimos días. Hablo de mis pendientes de Sfera, el sueño de cualquier minimalista a la que le gustan los accesorios finos y dorados. Es casi imposible verme sin ellos últimamente, y es seguro que se van a convertir en mi accesorio del verano. Suponiendo que algún día llegue el verano, que supongo que llegará y cuando lo haga, por lo menos que me pille mona.  


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