Spring Haul

spring new clothes haul

I really believe this sunshine is giving me life. Like, honestly, Madrid is not considered to be the rainiest place on earth yet it has been pouring for so long I basically feel like home, so seeing the weather change into summer is making me pleased. I want some rays on my face, late evenings on the street and light nights..

I have slowly changed my clothes from winter to summer, delicately placing my shoes in the wardrobe for good and welcoming my sandals after all this time. No one knows how happy it makes me to wear my feet exposed after long cold days. My go to summer look consists on a pair of jeans –possibly mom or boyfriend fitted jeans- a cami and a cute belt. I´m such a shirt lover I just realized I´ve bought so many of them in the last few months (I think my mind was already craving warm weather before I even did), and I´m ready to wear them out. This one from Pull and Bear was a present from my sister, and I know a lot of you loved it as much as me (I posted a story on my insta, reasons to follow me #175764261). She didn´t even now I had bought this belt  –also from Pull & Bear-  I felt in love with as soon as I saw, which I think will make all my looks come together. Speaking of accessories, these earrings are just to much.  Remember when I used to say I didn´t like how I looked with hoops? Well, I still think the same but what on earth, I´m making my way through it with these. They are so beautiful, I wear them every time I´m going out. And voilá! There goes my summer uniform –to be changed with shorts when temperatures are sky high- but basically, I can´t wait to live in shirts, jeans and sandals. Also, it caught my eye yellow knits are trending and I´m all for it. Next purchase, checked.

Vaqueros, sandalias y camisetas: mi vida en verano. Camisetas blancas, a poder ser como esta de Pull & Bear (que pudisteis ver en mi insta stories, razón #54151815 para seguirme), cinturón rojo, también de Pull y aros dorados de Sfera para rematar el look. Yo, escéptica hasta morir con los pendientes de aro, me he hecho adicta a ellos (por estas sorpresas y otras muchas nunca digo nunca) y ahora es básicamente lo que llevo siempre que salgo. Mi uniforme de verano en cinco piezas –todavía por determinar entre jeans y shorts, dependiendo de las temperaturas-, básicamente no puedo más para vivir en vaqueros, camisetas y sandalias. Además, me he fijado que las chaquetillas con botones amarillas están pegando fuerte esta temporada y creo que ya se cuál va a ser mi nueva adquisición.


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