A Review: Very Vegan Foundation

very vegan foundation review

It was jotted down in my blog journal I was supposed to write a review on this foundation, but obviously that didn´t work out. I just continued using it, daily, on nights outs, on hungover days, like the only foundation I owned (actually true)..

Sometimes I think I should try more foundations, spend a little bit more and make a little collection. But then I realize that´s only the beauty blogger stereotype and it does not match who I am [funny how being a foundation hoarder is “not my thing” but then I can collect millions of shampoos between the 6m2 of my bathroom]. Anyways, the only reason I buy foundation is because concealers are to small and run out quick, so I rather buy a larger version. I know some people will be horrified “what does she mean she does not use concealer?!?!” but I don´t really have dark circles so a little bit of coverage does the job. And I enjoy the Very Vegan foundation. It´s medium coverage, layers nicely and leaves a glowy finish. It matches my skin perfectly and it´s so budget friendly (I think it costed around six? euros). Plus, it´s vegan and cruelty free, I don´t think anyone could ask for more. My first bottle of this lasted around six months, on a daily use (mostly) and I am now looking for my second one (it´s sold out everywhere!!). I also tried their bronzer (a tad bit dark for me but I´m a terracotta lover) and I don´t discard giving a go to their *read carefully* concealer. Then, I was thinking, maybe, just maybe, go for a higher end foundation for more special occasions, but that´s a thought that wanders my mind almost once a week so better not trust me.

Tenía apuntado en mi cuaderno hacer una reseña sobre la base de maquillaje Very Vegan pero al final nunca fue. He continuado usándola día sí día también, y no me canso. Y aunque a veces pienso en probar más bases, luego recuerdo que en realidad no les sacaría el partido que se merecen y todas acabarían caducándose. Me gusta mucho esta base, me deja una piel muy natural, se adapta a mi tono de piel, se puede trabajar con la cobertura y además es vegano y libre de violencia contra animales. Mi primer bote me ha durado alrededor de seis meses (usándola prácticamente a diario) y estoy en busca del segundo (mi tono está agotado en todas partes!). También he probado su bronceador (¡un pelín oscuro para mí, pero me encanta el efecto de los polvos terracota) y estoy tentada a probar su corrector. A pesar de lo mucho que me gusta esta base, también he pensado en cogerme otra para ocasiones más especiales, pero siempre pienso lo mismo, asi que ni si quiera yo me lo creo.


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